Project Description


SA Health & Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

Project Value:

$10 million

Project Design:

Greenway Architects


Mossop Construction + Interiors

WT Partnership provided Full Cost Management Services to SA Health and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in the development of a new GP Plus clinic adjacent to Port Pirie Hospital.

This project was made difficult by the presence of significant ground contamination across the entire site suffered due to the presence of a lead smelter in the town since the 1800s, as well as the fact that the entire building had to be raised over 1 m above existing ground levels to cope with the prevalence for flooding in this area.

The design took into account the fact that external components such as pavements, children’s play areas and furniture needed to be washed down each morning because of the contaminated deposits that continue to fall overnight. It also took into account the high levels of sunlight prevailing in this part of South Australia by clever use of windows for common and waiting areas and creates private courtyards for around the building for various clinic usage functions.