Project Description


NSW Department of Housing (HNSW)

Project Value:

$600 million approx.



Bonnyrigg is a town 40 km to the west of the Sydney CBD and forms part of the Fairfield City LGA. Since the mid 1970s it has been the location of an 800+ unit public housing estate developed by HNSW. In 2006 HNSW called for expression of interest to redevelop the estate as a 70/30 mix of new private and public dwellings. Bonnyrigg Management (now Newleaf Communities) was awarded the scheme in late 2007 following an extensive tender process.

The scheme is a 30 year Public Private Partnership between Newleaf Communities and New South Wales Department of Housing. It involves the renewal of a public housing estate by tripling the existing density with new housing to deliver a masterplanned extension of the Bonnyrigg town centre comprising 2,332 dwellings of which 1,633 dwellings will be for private sale and 699 will be public housing. A further 135 public housing units will be built off estate to maintain the existing number of public housing units. However, the final mix of public and private housing will change over time to ensure the project remains commercially viable whilst serving the needs of the community.

The project was granted a Part 3A Concept Plan approval in January 2009 for the whole 80 ha redevelopment through the Department of Planning as a Major Project Application. This approval has been confirmed the increase in density required by the PPP contract and has established the key parameters on which the redevelopment will be based.

The scheme will be delivered over 18 discreet stages between 2009 and 2021. The staging reflects the requirement to progressively demolish the existing homes and rehouse tenants as well as the need to achieve pre-sales as a requirement for construction debt funding for each stage.

WTP has been involved in this project since the bid phase and provided quantity surveying services to Becton and the Department on all dwellings, remediation, road works, footpaths, inground services, WSUD, open space (active and passive), street lighting, street furniture, landscape embellishments and road junctions/intersections.